Three Falls Tribute Bride


Ashai was a shrine maiden in Three Falls before the Empire banned the shamanistic worship of Might Breaks the Trees.

  • She was kidnapped by apemen serving Raksi
  • Thrush and Starfall pursued the apemen and rescued her, reuniting her with Might Breaks the Trees
  • She organized and informal discussion in Three Falls about whether to rebel from the Prasad Empire and advocated for rebelling.
  • After the vote, she carried Thee Falls decision to rebel to the Solars.
  • She refused to depart with the imperial tribute caravan, which was the first act of rebellion.
  • Berengiere attempted to kidnap her directly, but was foiled by Natsue and Starfall.
  • To Natsue, Ashai expressed her fears about Might Breaks The Trees affection for her and Inti’s break from his family.


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