Freedom and Dreams

Session 1
Might Breaks the Trees

Traveling through Barun Nghe, the solars were put on edge when the lush forest goes quiet. Then, crashing through the trees into the poorly define road, and ox dragon appeared, seemingly furious. The beast performed a territorial display of aggression until Willow Bending slowly approached it, speaking softly. Thanks to his influence, Bastion, as he called the ox dragon, allowed them to pass.

On the approach to Three Falls, they observed damage damage in the forest about them. The road had been churned to mud in places and many trees were broken. The town itself looked undamaged, and Thrush speculated that they might be preparing for a festival when he saw flowers propped against the open gates of the town.

Upon entering, Thrush interrupted an argument between a Kamthahari merchant, Rel Nas and a local man,  Kafre. The merchant insisted that the people of Three Falls had instigated the beasts of the forest into aggression. Caravans leaving the town had been attacked, and now he was loosing money stuck in this backwater. He desisted when it became clear the Thrush was ignoring him. Kafre explained that the Immaculate Monk traveling with the Imperial Caravan had stopped them from giving offerings to their divine patron, Might Breaks the Trees and it was his anger that had riled the beasts to aggression.

The Immaculate Monk Sky went ahead to distract the other Immaculate Monk watching Treebreaker's temple at the base of the waterfall. The solars snuck around behind it, and climbed up to the offering platform that overlooked the basin carved out by the largest of the town's waterfalls. While looking at the carved image above the temple doors, a powerfully muscled man in a high-collar and a feather cloak with a pair of long horns rising from his forehead, a crash like the snapped of a tree sounded behind them. They saw the same figure depicted on the temple wall, and rather than the look of benevolence the temple depicted, his face was a mask of fury. He spoke and his voiced echoed with the waterfall…

"I am Might Breaks the Trees. Who has entered my temple without the proper offerings?'


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