Prasad Empire

  • Capital of this empire is Kamthahar
  • People strictly divided by caste and clan, each with their walled compounds within the city
  • Ruled by the Dragon-clans Burano and Ophris, which count many dragon-blooded among them
  • Nominally a Satrapy of the realm


Mortal emperor of a sacred bloodline established by the immaculate dragons

  • The emperor is a ritual figurehead attended by eunuch officials, tribute-concubines, and the members of the Dragon-blooded clans
  • The emperor appears only for official state rituals
  • The clan and caste system of the empire's core is an extension of the Immaculate philosophy, with higher clans being considered closer to the dragons

Imperial Tribute

The Empire of Prasad is bound together by tribute. Each town, city, and region send mandated "gifts" to the Emperor, who then "equitably" hands them over to the Dragon-Blooded clans or sends them onward to the Realm. A small portion of the tribute are kept to maintain the opulence of the palace.

In addition to the tribute gifts, each town and city sends a tribute-bride to be married to the emperor. Thus, every town is a part of the imperial family, and by extension, a vested member of the empire. Most regions have the right to select their own tribute-bride, but do so carefully to avoid giving insult to the emperor. Champoor, the empire second city, is the one exception to this practice. New emperors travel to the Nighted City and are ritually wed to the dragon queen Tenepeshu.

The Pure Way

In Prasad, the philosophy of the Immaculate Order has become warped and his considered heretical by the Mouth of Peace and the Immaculate Order of the Realm. They preach that as the pinnacle of reincarnation, the Dragon-Blooded have achieved unbound divinity and a worthy of receiving worship.

Since they are also tempered by mortality, they are not plagued by the cruel hungers of the spirits, and can be worshiped freely. Many prominant Dragon-Blooded maintain cults in their honor. The Dragon Clans each maintain a wider cult that ranges across the Empire.

Monks of the Pure Way eschew mortal comforts to fully embrace the diving purity of the elements. Like their counterparts in other parts of creation, they are masters martial arts, and after mastering their elemental style, often study more esoteric forms lost in other parts of creation. Immaculate Monks from the Blessed Isle travel to challenge the Monks of the Pure Way.

The Pure Way also serves as justification for the clan-caste system at the heart of the empire's social order. Clans of higher status are seen as closer in the cycle of reincarnation to the Dragon-Blooded. Those born outside the named clans, including most foreigners or subjects in newly incorporated territories, are considered beneath the hierarchy that leads to the divinity of the elemental dragons. Members of the Great Houses of the Realm are deemed of near equal status to the dragon-clans.

Prasad Empire

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