Queen of Fangs


When the Immaculate Order speaks of Anathem, Raksi, Queen of Fangs is the perfect illustration of their fears. The ancient barbarian sorcerer queen emerged from the Wyld along with Balor’s horde at the end of the Contagion. She slew the guardians of the City of Sorcery and turned the survivors into playthings for her bestial spawn. She is a paragon of decadence of depravity.

To the Dragon-Blooded of the Realm and the Wyld Hunt, Raksi is a nightmare. While it isn’t public knowledge, dynasts whisper that she has defeated at least half a dozen attempted Wyld Hunts. She always leaves one member of the Hunt maimed but living to bring tales of how the others were cruelly broken under her sadistic hand. (Some among House Cynis speculate that she would be great fun at a party.)



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