Might Breaks the Trees

Divine patron of Three Falls


Might Breaks the Trees is the ox-dragon patron god of Three Falls. He appears as an extremely well-muscled man with a pair of slightly curving horns protruding from his forehead. He wears a high-collared cloak of feathers that leaves his arms and chest bare.

Before his town was absorbed by the Prasad Empire he presided over a temple tended by shrine maidens and shamans. He has fallen in love with Ashai, a shine maiden who was selected to be Three Fall’s tribute bride to the Emperor of Prasad.

  • He helped Thrush, Willow, and Starfall defend Three Falls from attacking apemen.
  • He does not want Flames Ascending harmed because she helped defend his town and people.
  • He has declared that he would support a war against Prasad if the Solars remained to protect his town.
  • He blessed Thrush’s efforts to train the hunters of Three Falls in the ways of war.

Might Breaks the Trees

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