Horn of Ahlat

The Horn of Ahlat is unusual in its pedigree.  It was not forged, but sewn into being by the First Age Solar tailor Savile.   He created the blade, initially named Chlamy Solis, for his friend Huss the Silent to commemorate the latter’s victory over a terrible behemoth.  Huss wielded the blade for some time before falling in battle to the Fair Folk whereupon it passed to Spence who carried the weapon until the Usurpation.

Spence had seen many of his Solar friends fall in battle in far-off locations, and their weapons and gear were often unrecoverable.  Fearful that the work of great artificers might be lost forever, Spence enchanted his panoply, including Chlamy Solis, to be transported to various allies in the event of his death.  Spence’s equipment was to be held in trust until a worthy successor could be found.  When Spence fell to the Dragonbloods, Chlamy Solis was magically whisked away to Ahlat the Ox God, who was a sometime ally of Spence.

Ahlat rarely carried the blade, preferring his own weapons.  The war god did loan out the sword to his various champions on the mortal plane.  It was these warriors, unaware of the sword’s origin, who rechristened the blade Horn of Ahlat.  For hundreds of years, the sword passed hands among the chosen of Ahlat until it was stolen by Sabin.

Sabin himself is unaware of the blade’s history.


The Horn is an orichalum reaver daiklave, but is atypical in form for a reaver daiklave.  While most reavers come to a square, angled tip, the Horn has a heavy, rounded tip like an exaggerated dao dao, sabre, or machete.  The blade is orichalum, but the edge has detail work appearing to be topstitching of silver.  A long bar of red jade forms the spine, a spine that appears to be laced into the sword in thick strands of yarn-like copper.  The check of the blade near the point has a large ideograph for war on it; during the First Age it was said that the ideograph changed over time.

The guards of the blades are gilded cattle horns.  The grip is wrapped in the tanned hide of a celestial auroch.  The pommel is a simple ring of orichalum.  A red and gold tassel is tied to the pommel.

Horn of Ahlat

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